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About Me

Everything about Brittany Slam is to be described only as alluring. From her passion for creative body piercings to her array of colorful tattoos & high energy, she's definitely an intriguing individual. Her happy, positive vibe makes her a people person, and can relate to all types of people. Being a liaison between the tattoo world and the girl next door, Brittany is definitely never a dull moment.


    "I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday, and thats when my life changed" as Brittany explains. Her journey into the tattoo world continued through the years, and eventually landed her an apprenticeship at One Stroke Tattoo in Queens, NY. After 6 months of being the shop apprentice she officially began her piercing apprenticeship under the shops head piercer. For a year and a half she studied, observed, and fulfilled all of her obligation as an apprentice. Brittany Slam's patience and hard work paid off and she became one of the shops rising piercers. After a while One Stroke Tattoo died and Think Before You Ink was born taking all of One Stroke's talent with them. In the process and reconstruction of the shop Brittany took her show on the road to become a Dripping Star at City of Ink in Atlanta, GA.


     New city, new clients and the same hunger is what helped Brittany Slam perfect and finesse her craft. Being at City of Ink with a boss like Miya Bailey and about 12 other creative souls kept Slam motivated and on the move. After 8 months of being in Atlanta, constantly traveling back and forth to New York, and the demand becoming larger and larger Brittany Slam was now on the move more than ever. She has now found a way to balance her demanding clientele between Think Before You Ink in New York City, City of Ink in Atlanta and every city she can get in between her busy schedule. Now being the official body piercer at both shops Slam is forever on the move and trying to master her craft of bringing art and body modifications together.

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